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Below is a list of titles of my current, non-academic presentations (keynote addresses, professional/informative lectures, commemorative speeches, etc). I am also able to prepare presentations on other topics and for different event formats on request.

When preparing such presentations, I coordinate the main topic, specific content and desired perspectives with the client.


“What is Ethics? Seven Common Misconceptions, and How to Avoid Them.”

“Ethics Kitsch, Ethics Hoaxes, and Cosm-ethics – Why They are So Common and How They Rob Us of Meaning and Reason.”

Ethics in Economy

“Do Ethics and Economics Fit Together? … and Other Unfortunate Questions. – Why Ethics Never Hinders Us in Business, but Always Orients, Supports and Moves Us Forward.”

“Money or Life? The Purpose of Business. Return, Profit – and the Perversion of Means and Ends.”

Brand Ethics

“The Brand and Other Persons – Why Brand Ethics?”

“The Ethical Goals and Virtues of Brands. – What Distinguishes Intrinsically Good Brands.”

“Brand Ethics as the Source of a Humane Business Culture. Perspectives on Ethics-Oriented Brand Management.”

Ethics and Organisation

Profit Orientation and Profit Maximisation – How Companies Misunderstand Themselves, Misuse Customers and Partners, and Humiliate and Demotivate Their Employees. – And How Easily All This Can Be Prevented.”

“Practice Makes Perfect! Why Ethics Codes, Mission Statements and Sunday Speeches Are Not Enough. On the Importance of Practice in Organisational Ethics.”

“Ethics as Creative Potential in Innovation Processes. How Ethics Improves Innovation, Reduces Risks, Promotes Profitability and Increases Market Opportunities.”

Work Ethics & Leadership Ethics

“Holding Your Head up in the Midst of Value Chaos. Why Ethics Helps Us – Especially in Daily Work.”

“Why Good Leadership Is Not Possible without Ethics. A Plea for Leadership Ethics on the Basis of Methods and Practice.”