Organisational Consulting
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Organisational Consulting

For over 15 years, I have been advising companies and other organisations in my areas of expertise:
– Ethics, meaning orientation and value orientation
– Identity development and culture development
– Value-based personnel and management development
– Brand ethics, meaning- and value-based brand management

The work my clients entrust to me is varied and ranges from the development of mission and strategy statements to topics such as organisation, team and brand development all the way to employee and management training and coaching.

I fulfil different roles depending on my clients’ needs:
– Acting as a partner for discussions and reflections
– Developing ideas, concepts, methods and tools
– Providing support in communications planning as well as strategy and process development
– Planning and moderating events, meetings, conferences and workshops

None of my projects has been exactly like the others. But I have developed a number of methods and tools over the years, which I employ when appropriate. This versatility means I do not offer a standard portfolio of services. Instead, I work together with my clients to find customised solutions for their respective needs.

The following short descriptions of my consulting projects provide an impression of the work I do: > here